It has been reported that 78% of applicants put misleading information on their resumes and/or online profiles. Nearly every hiring process starts with a review of this bad data or hardcore analytics using this same bad information. The whole premise and process is obviously flawed which is why hiring remains deeply entrenched as the #1 problem facing companies today.


TalentGrade aims to make the candidate selection/hiring process easier, more efficient, and better by allowing companies to quickly view a job specific pre-interview assessment in the form of a short video, audio, or work sample assessment from applicants. Our simple and revolutionary candidate screening tool allows companies to get a better first impression of the applicant’s skills and fit BEFORE time is expended conducting a phone screen or an in-person interview.

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Find Better Talent Faster in 4 Easy Steps

Create Relevant Skill-Based Challenges

Companies can utilize 3 different assessment platforms (video, audio, and/or work sample) to view specific and relevant skills from their applicants.

Upload Existing Applicants

Companies simply upload a list of applicants names and email addresses- that’s it! The applicants then receive a company-specific customized email that facilitates their participation in the application process.

Easily Engage Co-Workers to evaluate applicants

Hiring managers can rate and comment on each submission and invite other key stakeholders to do the same to easily leverage the power of organizational knowledge in the hiring process.

Hire the best of the best

Efficiently and effectively narrow the applicant pool to only the best candidates and make more informed and better hiring decisions.