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Our tag line says it all: BETTER TALENT FASTER!  

Companies all over the world are quickly adapting video interviewing in many forms. The hiring process is being revolutionized.

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TalentGrade’s simple and easy-to-use solution allows companies to more efficiently and effectively screen applicants through a short pre-interview video or audio assessment process.   

The TalentGrade team is working day and night to ensure our partners recruit the best talent available by maximizing our dynamic candidate evaluation mechanism. Instead of scouring resumes, TalentGrade enables employers to view applicants showcasing their relevant skills, cultural fit, and key attributes in a competitive, social, and more naturally selective environment. 

TalenGrade’s commitment to quality translates into a very personal, hands on experience. We can solve everything from your simplest hiring needs to your most complex challenges when it comes to screening & hiring talent.  


Start your FREE 30-day trial today! 

Start your FREE 30-day trial today! 

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“Unlike a resume, the video application allows us to quickly identify applicants that are comfortable speaking and performing.” 

Lauren Rokenbrod - Romp n’ Roll



"I have only been set up for a short time, but in that short time I have already found 2 new great employees using their hiring selection platform." 

Elizabeth Guynn – Kiddie Academy